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We undertake the preparation of Wills and trust documents, the Administration of Estates and provide general advice on estate planning.

The Wills Act, Chapter 203 of the Laws of Belize provides that in for a will to be valid it must in writing and signed by the Testator in the presence of two witnesses and which must also be signed by them. At the time of the death of the Testator, a Grant of Probate can be applied for at the Probate Registry.

Where an executor is not resident in Belize, our firm can assist with appointing someone in their stead to apply for this Grant on his/her behalf. Where a person dies without leaving a Will, the Administration of Estates Act sets out the procedure for distributing the assets of the deceased.

Other estate services provided:

  • Estate and successional planning
  • Caveats (estate freezes)
  • Resealing of wills
  • Counsel related to contentious and non-contentious probate and letters of administration