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Belize continues to attract professionals and second home owners for both leisure and business purposes. The process of moving and employing those persons is best expedited with proper legal counsel. For those seeking to work, live or own a home in Belize, we can assist with work permits, , permanent residency, citizenship and other immigration-related legal services.

Why Retire in Belize?

The Retired Persons (Incentives) Act, Chapter 62 of the Laws of Belize continues to attract retirees to the shores of Belize. The Qualifed Retired Persons (QRP) Program is one which allows foreigners and their dependents to retire without permit or residency status and qualifies those persons for concessions in the form of importation of household effects and personal effect, vehicles, aircrafts, vessels free of all import duties and taxes.

A Qualified Retiree is exempt from the payment of all taxes and levies on all income or receipts, which accrue to him or her from a source outside of Belize. Also a Qualified Retiree shall be entitled to own an international business company, establish an international trust and maintain an offshore bank account. We facilitate the application process at the BTB and can provide further details upon request.