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Shepherding clients through the litigation and resolution process from start to finish. We provide litigation services in the area of commercial and contract disputes, employment disputes, debt collection, fraud and asset tracing, insolvency litigation, insurance matters, tax disputes, personal injuries and public law litigation and also seek to effectively resolve matters via mediation and arbitration proceedings. We explore all avenues of dispute resolution (Court connected mediation services) because resolving disputes with minor or no interruption to one’s business or life is essential.

Local Company Formation

The Limited Liability Corporation is an alternative product offered to corporations and partnerships. It is a popular wealth planning tool known for its asset protection advantages. It offers its members or managers limited liability separate and apart from the company’s operations.

The Companies Act, Chapter 250, of the Laws of Belize provides for the formation of limited liability companies. Local companies may carry out unlimited activities provided that the objects in its memorandum of association are drawn sufficiently wide to encompass an array of services. These companies, unlike International Business Companies (IBCs) are free to carry on business locally in Belize and Belize residents are free to own shares.

In order for us to form your corporation we require the following information:

  1. Name of Corporation;
  2. Secondary Name (if the above name is not accepted);
  3. Address of Company (we may provide you with an address if required);
  4. Type of Service
  5. List of Directors - Names and Addresses (at least 2 names must be provided)
  6. List of Shareholder - Name and Addresses
  7. Distribution of Shares amongst Shareholders;
  8. Company Officers e.g. Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, General Manager
  9. Subscribers (this will be provided)

All local companies must file annual returns in the prescribed forms which set out the basic details of the directorships and shareholdings every year. As the registered agent of your company we are able to provide this service to you. Please feel free to contact us regarding information regarding this service and our fees.

We also provide all services required of a registered agent which includes filing annual returns for companies, providing certificates of incumbencies and accepting service of documents.

We also assist in the formation of:

  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Businesses
  • Churches

Private Acquisitions and Mergers

Private acquisitions can be by way of an asset purchase or a share purchase. An asset purchase is where a purchaser seeks to acquire only the assets such as the equipment, intellectual property, contracts etc. for operating the business. Our due diligence would entail ensuring that the assets are held free and clear of any charges, liens or third party rights. On the other hand, share purchase is the acquisition of the business by way of the controlling shares. In this instance, the purchaser acquires the company as a going concern and as such all assets and liabilities will remain with the company after the purchase. The due diligence would entail ensuring that the company is in good standing and that it has paid all taxes and maintains all licenses to operate the business. It is also important to ascertain whether there are any pending or threatened legal proceedings against the company.

We also procure licenses & Permits for businesses:

  • Trade License
  • General Sales Tax Registration
  • Business Tax Registration
  • Central Bank Permit for Foreign Ownership of a Belize Company